Transportation Options for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen who cannot drive anymore due to declining health, and don’t want to rely on your relatives or friends for your daily commuting needs. How can you manage going from one place to another without being a burden on them or anyone? There are several transportation options available for senior citizens that help you get around town. 

Volunteer Driver Program

Several non-profit organizations let you access a volunteers’ network, offering flexible transportation specifically for older people. Whether you want to go to your doctor, a friend’s house, or even to the mall, you can easily avail these services. The offered trips can be one way, stop at multiple locations, or pick you and drop you back at the same point, depending on your needs. You may have to make advanced reservations though so that you can get transport at the right time.

Para Transit Service

Para Transit services feature small vans or buses that carry around 25 or less people. They may pick you up from the roadside or your home, depending on whether you avail curb-to-curb or door-to-door services. Like with volunteer driver programs, you may have to make advanced bookings.

Door to Door Service

A door to door service provides you with an escort or driver who offers hands-on assistance, and helps transport you from your home to your destination. Assistance levels vary from opening doors, guiding verbally, providing physical support, or maneuvering your wheelchair.

Taxi Service

A taxi service can be availed immediately or pre-booked as per your needs. Some vehicles may be wheelchair accessible. Generally, such a service may charge you per minute or per mile.

Fixed Route Service

A fixed route service does not have to be reserved, but stops and schedules are already set.