Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care

Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care Thinking about whether to send your parents to assisted care or not? Difficult decision, indeed. The answer depends on your particular situation, but over here, we’ll take you through some factors that can help you choose one option.

How Much Help Do Your Parents Actually Need?

Before you make any decision, determine the amount of help that your parents actually need, and how much of it you are already giving them.  Jot down everything that your parents need help with daily, weekly and monthly. Once you are clearly aware of their needs, you can make a better decision.

Next, try to figure out the amount of help which you, other immediate family members and caregivers can provide. And think this over long term, meaning that you’d have to provide help for several years to come. Now go through our lists and you’ll be in a better position to decide.

Understand The Differences

Home care and assisted living centers both have their pros and cons. Considering home care, care givers come to your house, and so your senior parents still live with you. Caregivers can help out with a variety of needs such as going to the toilet, bathing, dressing and transportation. Thus, you enjoy flexibility and may incur lower costs if 24/7 care isn’t needed.

On the other hand, your parents will be living with other seniors in an assisted living. Meals, transportation and group activities are often included in the overall charges helping your parents develop a social circle. For 24/7 care, this may be a more affordable option. But your parents will be living away from you.

Consider The Finances

Get quotes from various caregivers and assisted living centers. Consider which particular services are included in the fee, and accordingly decide which of the two, is a more affordable option in your particular case.