How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Included This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time for sharing in festive activities that you’ll remember for years to come.  For the elderly people in your life, the holidays can be a time for taking part in family traditions and for reminiscing with loved ones.  At Cathay Express Transportation, our mission is to provide elderly and disabled people with wheelchair accessible taxis.  Our team has a few tips to help you keep your elderly loved one included in the holiday season.

  1. Designate tasks.

One of the best ways to keep your elderly loved one included in the holiday preparations is by setting aside tasks that they can easily help with.  Make it a point to create jobs that your loved ones can participate in without feeling inept or confused.  For example, you can allow them to help decorate Christmas cookies, and you can also ask them to help with some baking, too.  At Cathay Express Transportation, we provide wheelchair accessible taxis in New York, and we also have useful tips when it comes to helping the elderly people in your life.

  1. Visit often.

Regardless of where your elderly loved ones live, make it a point to visit them this holiday season.  Many elderly people have trouble getting around, and many others live in nursing homes.  Do whatever you can to visit so that you can spend some quality time together.  Bring along some homemade chocolate chip cookies and a handmade stocking.  Give yourself some time to sit and chat and find out what they have been up to since your last visit.

  1. Use technology.

Nowadays, almost everyone knows how to use a computer so that they can communicate with other people.  This holiday season, another great way to keep your elderly loved ones included is by helping them use technology to get connected.  If you live far away from your elderly loved one, help him or her get set up with a computer and then explain how to use Skype or another software application so that they can interact with family members over the holidays.

  1. Make new traditions.

Another great way to help your elderly loved one feel involved this holiday season is by creating new traditions.  Many elderly people do not want to travel during the holidays.  Others aren’t able to take part in vigorous activities.  Be creative and try to come up with a few activities that are low-key, such as board games and cookie decorating.  If you do decide to venture out and you need to find wheelchair accessible cabs in New York, then call Cathay Express Transportation.

  1. Keep it simple.

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, including your elderly loved ones.  One of the best ways to help them feel included in a low-stress way is by avoiding loud, crowded places.  You might want to plan ahead so that you have a small list of low-stress outings you can all participate in together.

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