3 Great Activities Senior Citizens Can Do In NYC This Summer


New York City is bursting with things to do year round, but the summer season is without a doubt the most convenient time for people to make plans. Seniors don’t have to stay cooped up in their homes but instead can partake in all the things that this great and big city has to offer. Cathay Express Transportation Services can get seniors and those with disabilities to where they need to be as we provide handicapped transportation services in New York. So, not only look us up when you need a lift, but use this list below to spark some ideas and hopefully get you up and moving this summer!

1. Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Garden located in the Bronx portion of the city is an iconic landmark and the largest botanical garden in the country. The site is distinguished by diverse landscapes that offer various gardens, programs, and sites to see. Activate your senses and venture here this summer for endless plants and flowers in their summer garden collection that includes magnolias, daffodils, the perennial garden, the rock garden, and so much more.

2. Central Park

Possibly the most famous park in the world, Central Park is renowned for being the heart of New York City. Here, there are endless options for entertainment and activities. For instance, seniors who wouldn’t mind playing a good game of chess or checkers can visit the scenic Chess & Checkers House for a few games with a friend or get to know some new people. The Strawberry Fields, located near Central Park West, pays tribute to the late legendary John Lennon of the Beatles. If you’re a fan of the Beatles or not, this side of the park shouldn’t be missed.

Another way to take advantage of Central Park’s great and big landscape is to explore the various water sources, wildlife, and plants that are available to sightsee throughout.

3. Meet Up With Friends

What’s the summer without a little companionship and friends to join you in various adventures and trips around the city? Plan trips with a few other people to go to the parks and garden we mentioned above, museums, the zoo, out to eat on the town, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

This summer, explore the city and bring a friend but remember that Cathay Express Transportation Services can get you to where you need to be! We provide cab services for the elderly as well as wheelchair transportation services in New York.