The Perks of Using a Wheelchair Transportation Service

Using lift to get wheelchair into vanIndividuals who use wheelchairs often experience transportation limitations. Public transportation can be tricky to navigate and often isn’t a safe method of transportation for those with mobility issues. Transportation barriers are a real problem for disabled city residents. Fortunately, nonemergency wheelchair transport in New York City makes it easier for people to get to medical appointments without relying on family and friends. It gives people back their freedom to move freely.

Wheelchair transportation that meets ADA standards for safety and comfort offers many benefits for patients. It’s why more and more people are choosing nonemergency wheelchair transportation services. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this transportation option.

Safe Transportation Options

Safety is the priority of all wheelchair-bound clients. Unlike taxis, public buses, and ride-sharing options, wheelchair transportation companies have custom-fitted vehicles that meet ADA requirements to get clients from point A to point B without worry.

Well-Maintained Vehicle Options

Another benefit of wheelchair transportation vehicle services is that they can accommodate all sizes and styles of wheelchairs using a variety of vehicle options. When you have a long distance to go, you want to be comfortable. Many services offer several vehicle styles such as minibuses, handicap vans, and sprinters to make longer trips more comfortable. These vehicles are equipped with vehicle tie-down systems and special wheelchair seating systems to make sure there aren’t any restraint issues.

Treatment Options

Another benefit of using a wheelchair transportation service is the therapeutic services offered. Some patients on their way to the hospital or medical appointments may have medical challenges. Nonambulatory wheelchair transportation companies can assist their clients by monitoring vital signs and communicating with the doctor’s office or hospital of changing medical conditions.

Insurance Accepted

One of the greatest perks of handicap transportation services is the affordability of the service. Regular transportation services can charge high rates that you pay for out of pocket. Transportation services that specialize in wheelchair transport work with many popular insurance providers, making the service highly affordable for most people.

24/7 Availability

Wheelchair in vanWhen do you need picked up? The best transportation services offer 24/7 availability. Need to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night, but don’t want to call an ambulance? Wheelchair transportation services that are offered 24/7 can help get you there. Freedom of movement isn’t limited to the hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. To truly enjoy unencumbered mobility, you need the option for 24-hour service.

Door-to-Door Service

Most wheelchair transport services handle all aspects of getting you or your loved one to and from appointments. Door-to-door service includes transporting patients from the house to the vehicle and from the facility to the vehicle and so on. Accidents happen all the time between the front door and the transport vehicle when people don’t have help. This service bridges the gap and is a huge safety benefit.

If you’re a resident of the greater metro area and need reliable wheelchair van transportation service in New York City, skip the Google search and contact Cathay Express Transportation for the safest, most cost-effective service. Call us today at (212) 261-5555 to schedule transportation services.