Signs You Need a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service

Person in Wheelchair Getting in CarHave you wondered if disabled transportation services in New York City are something that could benefit you or someone you care about? Many people don’t realize that they qualify for non-emergency transportation services and miss out on the benefits of this valuable service. Keep reading to learn more about disabled transportation services to see if you qualify.

You or Your Loved One Are Bedridden

Non-emergency medical transportation is the perfect solution for seniors and other individuals confined to their beds and have difficulty finding transportation when they need to get to doctor appointments or visit friends or family. Transportation services for disabled seniors with these issues are done using appropriate vehicles.

You Have Limited Mobility

Seniors and other individuals with limited mobility benefit immensely from using non-emergency transportation services. These services are great when people need to get out of the house for personal reasons such as family functions and other social events. Limited mobility shouldn’t mean you or your loved ones are always confined to the house.

You or Your Loved One Has Acute Medical Issues

Acute medical issues refer to instances when you or someone you love has had surgery or been at the hospital for another reason and can’t get back to their place on their own. Choosing non-emergency medical transportation services for these reasons is a cost-effective and timely way to get back home. Waiting for an ambulance to take you or your loved one back to the house is expensive, and sometimes it can take hours until the transportation is ready. With private non-emergency transportation services, you don’t have to wait for hours to get professional and safe transportation back home.

You or Your Loved One Has Bariatric Issues

Bariatric patients weigh at least 300 pounds and are considered obese by medical standards. Bariatric patients have trouble using regular public transportation and need specialized transportation services. If bariatric issues make it difficult for you to get around, non-emergency transportation services can have a profound impact on your emotional, social, and physical wellbeing.

You Need Wheelchair Transportation Services

Individuals who use wheelchairs need safe transportation options. Although public transportation might be ADA compliant, it doesn’t mean that using these transportation options are easy or convenient. If you or your loved one uses a wheelchair, you need transportation services such as door-to-door or curb-to-curb services. These transportation services make it easier to run errands, attend social gatherings, get to and from school, or any other appointment or obligation.

You Need Stretcher Transportation Services

Wheelchair Next to Lift on Non-Emergency VanAre you recovering from surgery or another condition that requires you to make it to medical appointments, but you’re unable to use a wheelchair or get around on your own? If so, this is a sign you need stretcher transportation services. These disability transportation services provided by non-emergency medical transportation companies get you or your loved one to important medical appointments safely and securely.

Non-emergency medical transportation services provide valuable services to seniors, disabled individuals, and other people who have mobility issues that make it difficult to get around on their own. Often, people rely on their friends or family to help them with their transportation issues. Although this might work well enough, these individuals don’t have the training or the specially equipped vehicles to get their loved ones where they need to be safe and sound.

If you or a loved one is in any of the above situations, call Cathay Express Transportation (212) 261-5555 for handicapped transportation service in New York City.