How Non-Emergency Medical Transport Can Improve Health Outcomes for Dialysis Patients


Person on wheelchair lift for van

Keeping medical appointments proves very important in ensuring good outcomes for patients with chronic issues, such as renal disease, that require kidney dialysis. In fact, per a 2015 study on the cost-benefit analysis of non-emergency medical transportation completed by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, an estimated 3.6 million patients in the U.S. put off treatment or missed appointments entirely due to a lack of transportation. Fortunately, non-emergency private shuttle services such as Cathay Express Transportation fill the gap by providing wheelchair-accessible rides to medical appointments for dialysis patients. The following infographic showcases some of the reason you should consider a medical transportation service: 

Infographic explaining why dialysis patients should consider medical transportation services

Door-to-Door Medical Transportation

Cathay Express Transportation offers door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Whether you need help getting to a doctor’s appointment, dialysis treatments, nursing facilities or clinics, our friendly, professional drivers come to your door, aid you with your wheelchair — even down stairs! — and get you safely to our lift-equipped transportation and on to your destination. When you arrive, our drivers help you get inside safely, then take you back home when you’re finished with your appointment.

Professional, Courteous Drivers

Our highly-trained drivers go the extra mile to help dialysis patients, seniors and people with disabilities enjoy a comfortable ride. They’re trained to perform medical services such as first aid and CPR, and they also receive extensive education in wheelchair and lift operation as well as defensive driving. No matter if you’re looking for transportation to medical appointments, social events, or the airport, our vans, complete with extended high roofs, rear heating and air conditioning, and room for up to seven people, make getting from point A to point B comfortable, safe and convenient.

Versatile Payment Options

If you have a disability or are wheelchair-bound and need help getting to dialysis appointments, Cathay Express Transportation has you covered with versatile payment options for our services. We accept both credit cards and checks if you wish to pay yourself, and we also take payments from agencies and institutions such as Medicaid, Workers Compensation and HMOs. For added convenience, our transportation concierge service operates 24/7, helping you get to where you’re going beyond medical appointments and dialysis treatments.

When you have a chronic condition such as renal disease, Cathay Express Transportation reduces concerns about the little things so you can focus on your health and getting well. Whether you’re an individual dialysis patient or run a dialysis center, our non-emergency medical transportation service helps boost treatment consistency to potentially improve treatment outcomes.