Welcome To Cathay Express Transportation

As Americans, we tend to forget that driving is truly a privilege. Unfortunately, millions of Americans do not have this ability, some due to age, health, or disability. These people may need an alternative method to get from point A to point B on a daily basis. This is one of the main reasons why Cathay Express Transportation exists. We offer unparalleled non-emergency medical transportation and other transportation services to the residents of Rego Park, NY and surrounding areas. No, we are not a taxi service, we are a professional transportation service that caters to the elderly and disabled to help them maintain their independence and health.

The elderly and the disabled, while able to live independently, may not have access to necessary transportation services. This makes doctors appointments, meetings, family events, or days out into a chore. Trying to track down a ride to early morning doctors appointments, or other appointments is often the most difficult part of the entire day. There is a growing need for non-emergency medical transportation in and around Rego Park. This is due to the healthcare reform that mandates healthcare for every American. The fact that there are more insured people means that there will be more appointments to make. Cathay Express Transportation wants to take the stress out of making scheduled appointments. That is the reason why we exist as a company.

At Cathay Express Transportation we are dedicated to our customers. We always offer the safest, cleanest, and most professional transportation services available. All of our vehicles are impeccably kept and well-stocked with emergency equipment, and each of our drivers is highly trained and must maintain their First Aid & CPR certifications. To learn more about our services, please feel free to call or visit our website.