Handicap Airport Pickup

Handicap airport pickup is designed to help you move conveniently, so you never miss an important appointment. If you are handicapped, a senior, or use a wheelchair, it is vital to find a reliable transportation solution personalized to your needs. This is precisely why Cathay Express Transportation exists. Whether you want a drop at the airport or seek an urgent ambulette service to get you to a hospital safely, we have teams dedicated to facilitating comfortable, safe, and convenient transport solutions based on your needs. Handicap airport pickup services involve dropping you at the airport and back to a hotel, office, home, or any other destination. Here’s a quick overview of what it entails:

disabled accessible airport pickup in new york

Wheelchair Accessible Airport Shuttle

Handicap airport pickup services in New York offer more than a taxi. They are fully equipped medical van transportation featuring a ramp, ample seating space, and all the comforts required to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Wheelchair accessible airport shuttles are designed for quick loading of wheelchairs and other medical devices and equipment. The vans are comfortable and have seating of up to 7. You don’t need to leave your wheelchair unless you want to, thanks to innovative seatbelts and other safety and comfort solutions.

Cathay Express Transportation has a dedicated team of experienced wheelchair van drivers who know all the roads and prioritize a comfortable ride to whichever destination. We will pick you from any domestic or international terminal and ensure you get to your destination safely. Our shuttles are also ready to take you to the airport so you will never miss your flights.

Benefits of Airport Handicap Services

Most airports in New York City and New Jersey offer free assistance services to the disabled. This includes providing a wheelchair and an assistant; however, that’s about where it ends. Private shuttle service ensures your first-class treatment continues until you are safely home, in your hotel, or any other destination.

Cathay Express Transportation can pick you from any airport in NYC and provide ample space for your friends or family. You also get to enjoy privacy and flexible transportation customized to your needs. Handicap airport pickup services are door-to-door and 24/7, so you can have peace of mind as the ride is customized to your itinerary. We can drop you straight to the office, pass through a restaurant, or even drive around as you wait for your flight — it all boils down to your needs.

How to Choose a Reliable Handicap Airport Transportation Service

There are various things to consider when looking for private wheelchair-accessible shuttles. Whether it is a one-time trip to the airport or a van to a concert at Madison Square Garden, finding a reliable partner with the right vans and services is crucial. Two broad aspects of reviewing include:

  1. Scope of service – Cathay Express Transportation offers handicap airport pickup in the city, whether you are in Upstate New York or Long Island. We also provide transport to hotels, offices, concerts, or any other destination you have in mind. Our vans are wheelchair accessible and feature all the comforts needed for a great ride to or from the airport.
  2. Reputation – It is essential to choose companies with a growing reputation for reliability, safety, comfort, convenience, new cars, friendly drivers, and other hallmarks of a trusted brand. You can look up reviews from previous customers or expert ratings.

It is essential to focus on your unique needs when looking for handicapped airport pickup services. For instance, the elderly may require dedicated senior care transportation, which is different from the standard private shuttle plan for regular visits to the doctor’s office. Contact Cathay Express Transportation today to find out more about handicap airport pickup and transportation solutions for the disabled.