Private Shuttle Service

Are you looking for a reliable private shuttle service to ensure you make your doctor appointments on time? Maybe you want to meet friends on a night out, attend a party at Madison Square Garden, or go to an airport in Upstate New York. At Cathay Express Transportation, we specialize in offering comprehensive transport solutions and group passenger vans for those in wheelchairs in NYC and New Jersey. Our door-to-door transportation service will pick and drop you anywhere you wish, including hotels, apartment complexes in Long Island, the business center, and more. We also have fully equipped vehicles and compassionate personnel to ensure smooth transit.

Finding the Best Private Transportation Service

A private shuttle service will help you move from one place to the next with ease. However, not all private transport services are the same. It is still essential to review existing offers and find a reliable partner. Some of the things to check include:

  • Scope of service – This entails what the company is offering and where they can take you. Not all corporations have the same scope of service. The best private transport service should feature new trucks with state-of-the-art equipment to load your wheelchair. If you are traveling with other people, group passenger vans offer the ideal option. At Cathay Express Transportation, we focus on providing comfortable transit with a capacity of 7 passengers per truck.
  • Reputation – The easiest way to determine if a transportation service is reliable is through their market reputation. Corporations and brands that provide satisfactory private shuttle service will have a growing reputation in the area and draw positive reviews and testimonials.
  • Location – It is vital to find a local transportation service to help you maneuver your local area. Cathay Express Transportation offers full wheelchair transit solutions in New York City and New Jersey. We can pick you from apartment complexes in Upstate New York, hotels at Long Island, a concert at the Madison Square Garden, or anywhere else in NYC.
  • Flexibility – Whether you need a private service chauffeur to a hotel, handicap airport pickup, or fancy a party bus for you and friends, it is essential to find flexible services customized to your needs. Cathay Express Transportation has brand new limousines, town cars, and group vans equipped for comfort and convenience.

There are various other things to review, including affordability, quality guarantees, business longevity, and more. For instance, senior care transportation is dedicated to seniors and has different requirements from medical van transportation. It all boils down to unique requirements, so you should always aim to find companies best suited to your needs.

Benefits of Private Airport Transportation

A private shuttle service picks and drops passengers based on their unique schedules. Some of the obvious advantages of going private include:

  • Privacy – You and your travel companions will be the only people in the car or party bus.
  • Comfort – You can find the perfect limousines with all the amenities and services you need for a comfortable trip to/from the airport.
  • Convenience – Unlike taking the subway, private airport transportation works with your itinerary so that you can schedule pick-ups and drop-offs at any time.
  • Shorter routes – Public transportation uses specific routes, and some are quite long. With private transportation services, you can use shorter routes designed for personal cars.
  • Personalized service – Planning a night out with friends or need to visit the business center earlier than public transit times? A private service is customized to your needs.

Cathay Express Transportation is proud to offer premium quality services in New Jersey and New York City and focuses on helping those in a wheelchair reach their destinations with ease. Whether you need an ambulette service or want a typical drop at the doctor’s office, we are dedicated to efficient transportation solutions. Our private shuttle service boasts new town cars, limousines and modern equipment, hydraulic wheelchair lifts, and ample space for a group. We also have experienced, friendly and courteous personnel to ensure all your needs are met. Contact us today to find out more about our private transportation solutions and how we can help.