Wheelchair Van Transportation

Being able to go parties, events, trips, and other social destinations in groups is one of the keys to staying happy and healthy. Groups of people find joy in being able to attend girls’ nights out, mall outings, bachelor parties, weddings, sporting events, zoo trips, vacations, and more. However, wheelchairs and other transportation devices don’t make it easy for groups of people who are disabled or elderly to travel together.

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you know that a car is not a preferred method of transportation, especially if there is more than one person in a wheelchair who needs to get in the car. And sometimes there isn’t anyone available to drive.

At Cathay Express Transportations, we recognize these inconveniences and try to put an end to them with our services. We specialize in making sure that members of the disabled and elderly communities can have fun group outings together with our wheelchair van transportation.

Cathay Express Transportation offers wheelchair van transportation in the New York area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want members of the disabled and elderly communities to be able to travel together and have a fun time without worrying about transportation. Having freedom is very important, and our wheelchair van transportation provides a stress-free, affordable way for people who use wheelchairs to go to whatever event or location they want, whenever they want.

wheelchair van service in new york


Medical Van Transportation

Medical van transportation services are vital if you are a senior, handicapped, or have an underlying medical condition that requires regular visits to the clinic. In the sophisticated regions of New York City, finding a wheelchair or ambulette service shouldn’t be a daunting task, as there are many transit services dedicated to medical transportation. However, not all are designed to meet your needs. You still need to review offers and find a trusted solution based on your requirements. Here’s a quick overview of how to find reliable medical van transportation in NYC.



Who Needs Wheelchair Van Transportation Service?

Medical van transportation is a private service that includes door-to-door pickups and drops. The service is planned around your itinerary so you can travel to your destination without waiting for public transportation schedules. The cars are also equipped for safety and comfort to ensure swift transportation. A private shuttle service shows up when you need it, unlike the subway routes that involve waiting and scheduling around pickup times. This ensures you make your doctor appointments without fail.

If you have a wheelchair or medical equipment you must travel with, medical vans are designed to accommodate these needs. They feature ramps, hydraulic lifts, and other amenities. Medical van transportation is ideal if you are disabled. You need a reliable transportation solution with fully equipped vans designed to keep you safe and comfortable during transit. At Cathay Express Transportation, we have all the necessary equipment to transport you to your dedication safely. Whether you need a ramp or ample space for you and a caregiver, we have the full capacity to handle your needs.

Some of the benefits of medical van transportation include:

  • Convenience – You can move freely to your doctor’s office, the airport, or any other destination without having to deal with the challenges of the subway and public transportation.
  • Reliability – Cathay Express Transportation has a fleet of new medical vans and trucks that ensure comfort and safety. We offer private and senior care transportation, so you won’t miss doctor’s appointments or experience any delays.
  • Privacy – With a private medical transportation solution, only you and your company will be in the van, so you can have free conversations and expressions without worrying about others.

Medical van transportation is accessible for anyone with a condition requiring more than standard transportation solutions. Cathay Express Transportation serves Upstate New York and New Jersey, offering new vans and trucks designed for maximum comfort and safety. Whether you want to visit a hospital in Long Island or seek a comprehensive transportation solution for regular appointments, we can help you guarantee convenience, comfort, and safety each time.


Reliable Wheelchair Van Driver Services in NYC

Whether you need a handicap airport pickup or need fast transportation to a hospital, you should hire experienced professionals. We have experienced drivers and courteous personnel to help you reach your destination. The drivers have profound knowledge of all routes in New York and New Jersey. If your family is in a senior home or home care, it is vital to arrange for transportation to move around without any delays. Private transportation will ensure they never miss their Medicaid-warranted face-to-face visits and doctor appointments.

Cathay Express Transportation is a full-service transportation solution for the handicapped, seniors, sickly, and anyone that needs help getting around due to a medical condition. We have many years of experience and a fleet of new medical vans and trucks to facilitate any transportation requirement in NYC. Our team also comprises compassionate individuals ready to step in and help whenever you need us. Contact Cathay Express Transportation today to find out more about private transportation services and how we can help.