Wheelchair Van Transportation

Being able to go parties, events, trips, and other social destinations in groups is one of the keys to staying happy and healthy. Groups of people find joy in being able to attend girls’ nights out, mall outings, bachelor parties, weddings, sporting events, zoo trips, vacations, and more. However, wheelchairs and other transportation devices don’t make it easy for groups of people who are disabled or elderly to travel together.

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you know that a car is not a preferred method of transportation, especially if there is more than one person in a wheelchair who needs to get in the car. And sometimes there isn’t anyone available to drive.

At Cathay Express Transportations, we recognize these inconveniences and try to put an end to them with our services. We specialize in making sure that members of the disabled and elderly communities can have fun group outings together with our wheelchair van transportation.

Cathay Express Transportation offers wheelchair van transportation in the New York area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want members of the disabled and elderly communities to be able to travel together and have a fun time without worrying about transportation. Having freedom is very important, and our wheelchair van transportation provides a stress-free, affordable way for people who use wheelchairs to go to whatever event or location they want, whenever they want.

wheelchair van service in new york


Our vans have many different features to accommodate groups of people. Our vans are all fully licensed to promise that our wheelchair van transportation can be trusted. Plus, they are air conditioned that our passengers will always feel cool and comfortable, regardless of the weather. All of our vehicles also include new GPS tracking systems, hydraulic/high top, seasonal tires, emergency escape doors, and heating systems. These features promise that our wheelchair van transportation services can safely and comfortably transport a group of friends to the destination of their choice in the NYC area.


Our wheelchair van transportation is extremely safe to ensure the protection of our passengers. Our drivers are all CPR-certified, so if an emergency ever occurred in one of our vans, a driver would be prepared to handle it properly and keep you or your loved one safe. Our vans, along with our other vehicles such as cars, trucks, limos, and more, are all equipped with hydraulic lifts and other medical equipment. This ensures that no matter what assistance our passengers need to enter or exit the vehicle, our wheelchair van transportation has safe and tested technology to lift and lower their wheelchairs properly.

Travel with Confidence

Next time you or your loved one needs wheelchair van transportation in the New York area, trust the certified, friendly drivers at Cathay Express Transportation. Our staff is dedicated to helping members of the disabled and elderly communities get wherever they want to go together while having fun and staying safe. Our vans are licensed, DOT certified, and have passed inspection to promise safe and trustworthy wheelchair van transportation.

Members of the elderly and disabled communities deserve to have fun and travel wherever they want, whenever they want. At Cathay Express Transportation, we understand the importance of fun outings and are committed to offering that to our passengers in NYC and beyond through our wheelchair van transportation services.