Medical Appointment Transportation

Handicapped Transportation to Medical Appointments

For people who are elderly or disabled, medical appointments are usually part of a routine. It is important to attend all these appointments to keep your health in the best condition. However, it may be difficult to get to them sometimes. It’s important for people who are elderly or disabled to be able to get around on their own without relying on their friends or family to get them from place to place.

If you or a loved one has a disability or is elderly, you know how vital it is for members of both communities to have a sense of independence. Being able to get to medical appointments is something that is part of your everyday routine. You want to be able to go wherever you need to go whenever you need to go there.

Cathay Express Transportation is proud to provide transportation to medical appointments. Our services allow people who are elderly or have a disability to get to medical appointments safely, easily, and on time, either on their own or with the assistance of a relative.

We understand that getting to medical appointments is not always easy. That’s why we proudly provide transportation to medical appointments in our clean, well-maintained fleet of vehicles with wheelchair accessibility. We will proudly bring you to a medical appointment anywhere within the NYC area.

handicapped transportation to medical appointments in nyc

Senior Care Transportation

Senior care transportation is a special private service designed to facilitate the free movement of seniors from one place to another. Most seniors need to make regular visits to the hospital for treatment and checkups. Many are also in a wheelchair, which comes with added maneuverability challenges. In New York, home to many senior living facilities, finding senior care transportation shouldn’t be a problem. However, you still need to identify trusted companies that can meet your needs. This is precisely what we offer at Cathay Express Transportation. We are dedicated to providing reliable private shuttle service and fully equipped medical vans and trucks. Our goal is to help you make your appointments safely and without any delays.

What Is Medical Transportation for the Disabled?

As the name suggests, medical van transportation for the disabled is a unique service designed for the handicapped, seniors, and those using wheelchairs. The transportation service features door-to-door pickups and drops, scheduled based on your itinerary. You can order a ride at any time of the day or night, which is much more convenient than using the busy subway and fixed schedules.

Because they are tailored for the disabled, medical transportation for the disabled involves using medical vans that feature essential medical equipment and comforts. This includes a ramp, hydraulic loading for wheelchairs and medical devices, and courteous personnel ready to provide any assistance needed, including helping you to the truck.

Reliable Transportation to Medical Appointments

Some Medicaid plans require face-to-face doctor’s appointments to the doctor, and a reliable transportation solution will ensure you never miss a visit. However, not all solutions are created equal. It is essential to shop around before opting into a transportation plan with any company. Some of the hallmarks of trustworthy senior care transport solutions include:

  • Travel at your own time – Whether you want to leave the nursing home for routine examination at a local healthcare facility, or need a handicap airport pickup, private transportation offers adjustable and flexible schedules designed around your itinerary. There are no hurries or fixed pickup and drops. Cathay Express Transportation can pick you from a party in Upstate New York, a late evening concert at Madison Square Garden, a hotel in Long Island, or anywhere else in NYC and New Jersey.
  • Safety and comfort – Cathay Express Transportation has a fleet of new medical vans and trucks with comfortable seating, amenities, and handicap services. We value your safety and wellbeing and have robust safety measures to protect you from various risks. Our drivers are experienced and compassionate. We also have a friendly, hardworking team dedicated to meeting all your needs.
  • Personalized services – We focus on catering to each client’s needs and personalizing the experience to guarantee satisfaction. You can opt for a comprehensive medical transport plan that includes facilitating picks and drops to the doctor’s office or call us for one-time emergencies. We also have various trucks, including group vans, so you can bring company — our vans carry up to 7 people plus the driver.

The elderly may struggle to move around freely, especially if they are in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, senior homes lack comprehensive transportation solutions required to facilitate convenient transit to different places. Cathay Express Transportation has years of experience providing ambulette service and private transportation solutions for the disabled and the elderly in New York and New Jersey.

We have several vehicles, experienced drivers, and dedicated personnel to ensure your needs come first in every situation. We also come to your door, so there’s no need to leave your home or nursing facility until you are ready for the appointment. Contact us for more information about senior care transportation and other private shuttle services.

Safety Specialists

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Cathay Express Transportation is dedicated to providing the elderly and disabled community with a reliable medical transportation service that works within their schedule. We offer our wheelchair accessible taxi driving services and our non-emergency medical transportation services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can attend medical appointments, care sessions, family events, and much more on your own timetable.

Our trained wheelchair accessible transit professionals know how to provide the proper care to each passenger relying on our wheelchair taxi service in the tri-state area. Call Cathay Express Transportation today to schedule a ride for yourself or your loved one.

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