What Problems Does Non-Emergency Medical Transport Solve?

Have you been considering non-emergency medical transport? Transportation for elderly, disabled and wheelchair-bound passengers can really change many things in the life of the passenger for the better. If you have been unsure whether medical transport services can really help you, read on to see how life-changing this service can be!


Being unable to get places on your own time can be extremely frustrating. Most of us take for granted that we are able to hop in the car and go wherever we please. For those who are disabled, getting anywhere can feel like a huge obstacle. With non-emergency medical transport services, the once homebound individual can get back to keeping appointments, and keeping up with friends and hobbies. Staying at home because of a physical limitation can cause feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. Using a transport service such as Cathay Express Transportation can help to get you out of the house and brighten your day.

Missing Medical Appointments

If you have medical appointments that your physical condition is preventing you from attending, a vicious cycle can be created. Missing medical appointments opens up the possibility of more medical problems, and can allow any new medical issues to become full-on emergencies if not dealt with in a timely manner. Our medical transport service can keep you on time and on-schedule with your doctor and specialist appointments.

Stress on Loved Ones

If you need assistance with transportation, the burden usually falls on close loved ones and relatives. While most family members love to be able to help out, sometimes this constrains you to their schedules. Coordinating with multiple family members and all of their schedules can be overwhelming! Using your own, scheduled medical transport can give you the confidence that you can get where you need to without burdening family members.

Keeping Hobbies

Maybe you have thought of using non-emergency transport for your medical appointments, but have never considered using a transport service for your personal needs. Keeping up with your hobbies, outside activities and friends is a great way to use the transport services of Cathay Express Transportation. Just because you are not able to drive yourself, there is no reason to miss out on fun activities and events!

Safety and Security

Maybe you have been unwilling to enlist the help of a non-emergency medical transport service because you are afraid that it won’t be safe. At Cathay Express Transportation, we are committed to bringing you premier transportation services that are safe and secure. Our fleet of vehicles include features such as hydraulic lifts, high top vans, and more! Your security is our priority, and we are here to provide transport that makes you comfortable. Your loved ones will also have the security that while we are transporting you, every effort is made to make the trip safe and enjoyable.

So if you have been wondering what the point of non-emergency medical transport is, wonder no longer! As you can see, medical transport services can greatly increase the quality of life in someone who is unable to drive themselves. Enlist the help of Cathay Express Transportation today, and go where you want!