3 Questions To Ask When Opting For An Ambulette Service

Transportation for the elderly and disabled is a serious problem that must be properly addressed. Depending on other people for transportation can be an annoying experience. Similarly, you cannot call an ambulance even if you want to go for a medical checkup and definitely not for attending a party. However, normal transportation may not be the perfect option either for the elderly or for the disabled as there is always the chance of an emergency. In such a case, the staff must know how to handle the situation.

The ultimate answer to all these problems comes in the form of a reliable ambulette service. Any reputable senior transportation service will have enough experience to deal with the problems of the elderly along with providing excellent services.

Yet, there are a few things you must ask them to check that they will be taking care of all your needs. Here are the three most important questions that must be asked:

What are the Facilities offered

Always check with your senior transportation services as to what are the facilities offered by them. Make sure that they are offering all the necessities that you might be in need of. For example, if you need a wheel chair for boarding the vehicle then you should ask in advance if they offer it or not.

Experienced Ambulette service staff

You must ensure that the staff on your vehicle from the ambulette service is CPR certified and trained to handle an emergency. Moreover, if you have any specific medical condition, then you must inform them beforehand.

What is the Cost

You must inquire about the cost of the senior transportation that you will be availing. Also, ask them if they accept Medicaid or not.

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