All You Need To Know About Senior Care Transportation


Getting from place to place can prove difficult for adults as they grow older. Tasks that were once second nature become challenging as our bodies begin to function less efficiently. Traveling to various doctor’s offices for different appointments quickly becomes a hassle when you can no longer reliably transport yourself without fear of incident. While you can arrange for an ambulance to handle the transport, the costs can quickly add up. While you might think that options are limited, the world of senior care ambulette services can provide you with the reliable transportation you need!

What’s the Difference Between an Ambulance and Ambulette? 

Infographic explaining the differences between ambulances and ambulettes

Everyone has seen or heard an ambulance at one point in their lives. They are the live-saving vehicles used by emergency services to transport people in dire situations. Not every case requires the life or death nature of the ambulance, and that’s where the ambulette comes into play. Ambulettes are generally larger than ambulances and are not used for life-threatening situations. People can arrange for an ambulette for them and a family member to transport them to their next appointment. 

Benefits of an Ambulette Transportation Service

Ambulette transportation service is a non-emergency transportation service provided by various companies. An ambulette is a unique way of dealing with the traveling problems faced by the disabled and the elderly. These transportation services represent the perfect middle ground solution lying between an ambulance and public transportation.

Ambulettes offer you an excellent choice if you want to visit a friend or go for a medical appointment. However, they do not operate the same way an ambulance would. Before you hire the service, there are some vital pieces of information you need to know about the senior care transportation service:

  • The staff, in most cases, is trained to deal with the situation effectively in case an emergency strikes
  • Reduced costs in comparison to ambulance services
  • Vehicles are well-equipped to cater to the needs of the elderly
  • Senior care transportation service is suitable for several visits, including trips to the airport, parties, medical appointments, and recreational purposes.

Finding the right ambulette transportation service will give you peace of mind when you need to get from one doctor’s appointment to another. Are you looking for a trustworthy ambulette or private airport transportation service in the NYC region? Contact Cathay Express Transportation to learn more and book your next appointment today!