What Are The Requirements For An Elder Care Transport Service

After a certain age, driving becomes difficult for many people. Similarly, it is not easy for the disabled either, to reach places right on time. Therefore, in such cases, transportation might be required. Depending on others every time you have to go out even for meeting a friend, often becomes a trying experience, not only for the elderly but also for those who are supposed to perform this duty. Moreover, you cannot hire an ambulance for every trip while public transport is often not properly equipped to facilitate the needs of the elderly and the disabled. Therefore, there is always the need of a reliable non-emergency transport service for dealing with the needs of these citizens.

However, there are a few requirements that must be fulfilled by every eldercare transportation service. Here, we have discussed them in detail:




A reliable non-emergency transport service provides all the required equipment in order to facilitate the customers. For example, in most cases, the elderly and the disabled are in need of a wheel chair so the non-emergency transport service must be able to provide vehicles, which are wheelchair accessible.


Certified Professionals


While an ambulette is responsible for providing non-emergency transport, it is difficult to tell when an emergency might occur with the elderly. Therefore, the staff of eldercare transportation must be CPR certified and well trained to take care of such unforeseeable circumstances.


Friendly Staff


When dealing with the elderly and the disabled, professional service is not enough. The staff must be trained to deal with the elderly in a fashion that their feelings are not hurt. They must feel well-loved and cared for. This is why you should always opt for an eldercare transport service with a friendly staff.

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