Common Medical Transportation Services for Seniors

Are you a senior citizen who can no longer drive due to ill health? Do you not have someone to take you around town? Or maybe your parents or another loved one can no longer drive but need help getting around. No issues. If you or someone else you know has to go visit a doctor, you can easily avail senior medical transportation services, which are offered by several reputed companies.

Common Medical Transportation Services for SeniorsAdvanced Life Support System

Advanced Life Support System or ALS services can be used if the patient wants to go to an emergency care facility or to the hospital. All ALS vehicles have a certified paramedic, along with medical equipment such as heart paddles, heart monitors, and ECG monitors.

Basic Life Support Transport

The basic life support or BLS service can be used in a non-emergency situation. These vehicles have medical equipment as well, but not as many as ALS vehicles. The available facilities, however, do ensure performance of a quick medical procedure should the need be there. A certified emergency attendant is also present.

Critical Care Transport

The Critical Care Transport or CCT service includes a paramedic, nurse or both on board depending on the patient’s medical condition. Generally, CCT is used if the patient needs critical care when travelling between hospitals and medical facilities.  The vehicle is usually equipped with IV drips, balloon pumps, and even ventilators in some cases.

Neonatal Care Transport

Neonatal care transport or NICU allows a medical team to reach the patient and provide advanced equipment like incubators on the spot. If required, the vehicle can also transport the patient to a hospital or another facility when a more skilled response is required.

Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair services allow mobility impaired people to go from one point to another. Generally, such a vehicle is spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair-bound person.