Senior Citizens: Here’s Why We May Need to Consider Not Driving Anymore

Are you a senior citizen, who still takes their car out on the road? Be extremely careful if you do so. Research has shown that senior adults are more prone to experiencing a car crash, especially at an intersection, than a teenager who is only learning to drive.  And if you are over 75, then chances increase even more. Studies also show that 13% of all traffic fatalities involve seniors.

So why is driving riskier for you? Because as we grow old, our reaction time decreases, which can endanger us when we are behind the wheel.

Your reaction time slows down

If your reaction times aren’t quick, then you are going to be in big trouble when the car in front of you suddenly brakes. Thus, it is a lot safer for you and other people if you don’t drive. It does mean losing your independence, but there are many transportation services especially designed for senior people like you.

Your eyesight weakens

As you age, your visual acuity, depth perception, and peripheral vision decline. Moreover, your eyes take more time to adjust to light levels. Thus, you may not be able to cope with a bright sun or glare from other cars.

Your mobility is restricted

Do your muscles often ache? The stiffness and the restricted mobility might make it hard for you to direct your car. You’ll have trouble in steering and breaking the car, which puts everyone at risk.

You may have to pass a mandatory test

Certain US states have enforced a driving test for elderly people. You may have to take this test if you are involved in three car accidents in 12 months. The test not only gauges your driving skills, but also analyzes your reaction times.