Unsafe Senior Driving: Warning Signs

You parents are growing old, and still haven’t given up their car keys. Should you continue to let them drive, or is it time for you to snatch away their luxury? Closely observe their driving and make sure you don’t spot any of these warning signs.

New dents and scrapes on the car

Can you spot new dents and scrapes on the car? They probably occurred because your parents might have run the car into something. Also check the garage door, driveway area and fence, and see if there are any marks to provide you a hint.

Talk to your parents and hear what they have to say. If you can, find out if they have recently received any warnings or tickets or are being charged insurance at a higher rate.

A change in driving habits

A change in driving habits is a major sign that your parents’ driving is unsafe. Make sure that they don’t break any signals or run out of their lane. Also ensure that they are noticing road signs and considering all cars around them when reversing or directing their car through blind spots or sharp turns.

Eye strain

A person’s eyesight should be perfect when driving. And if you parents have to strain theirs when driving, then it’s a trigger flag. Glasses may help but senior citizens may suffer from more complex eye problems that cannot be treated with glasses alone. So, if you parents have cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, they shouldn’t be sitting behind the wheel.

Stress and Confusion

Do your parents tend to get nervous when driving? If they get anxious on jammed roads or tire out after long drives, then driving is no longer a task for them. Same is the case, if they get distracted, confused, angry, respond slowly and have started to lose their way more often.