Primary Features of Assisted Living

Primary Features of Assisted Living Thinking of moving your elderly parents to an assisted living center? You should find a center where they can fit in and easily adapt themselves to the environment and the lifestyle. Here are some common and widely availed features which are offered by many assisted living centers out there.

Pets Are Allowed

Most of the assisted living centers are all about experience, and try to accommodate as many of the residents needs as possible. So if your parents are too attached to their cat or dog, then an assisted living center may easily allow pets. In fact, some of them are even adopting pet therapy as part of their car because of the associated emotional and psychological benefits.

There may be limitations on weights and dog breed though, so do check that out before registering.

Independent Seniors Can Have A Place Too

Assisted living communities encourage active, independent lives and have places for seniors who can manage quite well on their own. Social gatherings, fitness programs and local excursions are often scheduled so that community residents can involve themselves in a stream of activities and enjoy quality time.

Assisted Living Centers Are Technologically Advanced

If you fear that you will distance yourself from your parents by enrolling them at an assisted care center, you are wrong. Generally, these centers have the technology to connect without your parents virtually through video conferencing. And you can always go visit them whenever you want.

The technology also enables residents to virtually visit faraway landmarks and tourist attractions.

The Fees Are Negotiable

The entrance fees usually are not fixed, and you do have some space to negotiate. For instance, if your parents move in earlier, you may be able to get discounts. Similarly, if you enroll both your parents, you may be charged at a lower rate.