Is it Time for You to Stop Driving?

Is it Time for You to Stop Driving?Becoming concerned about your driving? Should you give up or can you still drive for some more time? If your vision is being impaired and your reaction times are slowing down, then maybe yes. After all, safety is a huge concern and you’re not only putting your life, but others at risk as well.

So how do you figure out when to stop? Answer these questions, and you’ll know.

Can You Find Your Way Around Familiar Areas?

If you ever feel lost in an area around which you have driven many times before, then it’s probably because of cognitive impairment. In such a case, you are likely to forget your way and shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

Have You Received Any Warnings Or Tickets In The Past Three Years?

If you received a warning or ticket once in several years, it is pretty much fine. But when this starts to occur regularly, you should be on the lookout.  If you often miss out stop signs, inappropriately change lanes, cross the yellow line or break the signal, then maybe it is time for you to stop driving.

How Quickly Do You Respond To Road Activity?

Did the driver in front of you slam the brakes suddenly? If you nearly touched the car when stopping your vehicle, then your reaction times might be slowing down. In such a case, you are more prone to a collision.

Is Vision A Problem During Night?

As you age, your vision impairs and you may not be able to see clearly at night.  Plus, the glare from other headlights may make it harder for you to see.

So how many questions did you answer in the negative? If these are too many, then you should give up your car keys. Your independence wouldn’t be affected because there are several alternatives out there such as senior ambulatory services.