Transporting Options for Seniors

Transporting Options for SeniorsOld age people who are unable to drive by themselves remain in constant need of assistance to make their necessary commutes. There are various transporting options that can be used by senior citizens in different scenarios according to the ease and comfort you want to provide them.

Transportation Services Of Live-In Care Facility

Make sure that the live-in facility in which your loved one is residing has their own transportation services so that seniors can go for shopping and other outings without any hassle.

Van Service

There is a transportation facility offered by some organizations and transportation companies that have a dedicated van or bus for a route. They are extra accommodating for seniors. You can find the details (routes and fares) of such services online.

Ride Sharing

This is another option for seniors who want to travel in a private car. In this mode of transportation option, there are private drivers that are signed up for the purpose of giving a ride to the old people for their desired destination.

Public Transport

This is the most basic and easy transportation option available but it depends on the heath condition of the senior. Taking a bus, train or subway for commute is always handy and cheap. But first assist this possibility by making a trip or two with them through a public transport and observe their physical and mental state throughout the journey.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

This transportation service is for those seniors that have become very weak and fragile and need a constant medical assistance. The vehicle for this transportation service is equipped with first aid box and their drivers are medically trained. This type of transportation facility can be availed for many different occasions.

Cathy Express Transportation offers non-emergency medical transportation in Queensland and surrounding area. From social outings to doctor’s appointments, your loved one can be transported with full care with our transportation service.