Is Cathay Express Transportation Right For Me?

Cathay Express Transportation is a unique non-emergency transportation system that awards the handicap and disabled community with the independence they deserve. You might be asking yourself,

“Is this right for me? Will Cathay Express be available when I need them? Will the driver be able to handle all of my needs?”

The answer to all of the above is yes. Our CPR-certified and fully licensed drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to safely transport New York residents wherever they need to go. We are one of the largest fleets in the tri-state area and have maintained a positive reputation since our first ride back in 2010.

Still not convinced Cathay Express Transportation is right for you? Keep reading.

Premier Medical Transportation Fleet

We wouldn’t be the best non-emergency medical transportation company in the area if we didn’t have a fully equipped fleet of vehicles!

Our clients can enjoy:

● Handicap and wheelchair accessible cars
● Lift capacities up to 800 pounds
● New GPS tracking systems
● Emergency escape doors
● Fully heated and air conditioned
● Vehicle inspections done every 6 months
● And so much more!

Recreational & Medical Trips Provided

Our services at Cathay Express Transportation are not only limited to medical appointment transports, but we also provide our customers with recreational trips as well! Here are a few examples of where our services can take you:

● Hairdressers and nail salons
● Restaurants and concerts
● Museums and city tours
● Family visits
● Parks and zoo
● Anywhere your heart desires

Large Coverage Area

We are the largest operating transportation company in the tri-state area, covering Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the New York metro area. With Cathay Express, traveling from Philadelphia to New York to see a show is as easy as call and set appointment. We believe our customers should live life to the fullest, even if they have a handicap that hinders their abilities to do so. Whether you have crutches, a wheelchair, or other medical necessity, Cathay will be there for you.

Are you ready to start living your life on your own terms? Give Cathay Express Transportation a call to set up a ride today!