4 Ways That You Can Help An Elderly Loved One Avoid Isolation

Although we don’t like to admit it, isolation among seniors is increasingly common. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we believe in helping the elderly population preserve their dignity. Nowadays there are many ways by which seniors can live healthy and productive lives. With just a little bit of foresight and some ingenuity, we can all help the seniors in our lives avoid being sequestered into isolation. At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we’ve even got four ways that you can effectively help an elderly loved one avoid isolation.  

Offer Transportation

Lack of reliable transportation is the number one reason that the elderly fall victim to social isolation. Many seniors no longer drive, so this can be a pressing issue for many of them. Any form of transportation that allows an elderly person to get around and still feel independent is worth noting, and at Cathay Express Transportation Services, we take pride in offering viable transportation options to any elderly person who needs assistance. Promoting social health is an important aspect of healthy living, and at our company, we take pride in helping seniors find the adequate form of transportation they require by offering wheelchair accessible cabs in New York.

Encourage a Sense of Purpose

Elderly and senior adults who have a sense of purpose or who engage in activities are less likely to become depressed or to be impacted by social isolation. Many hobbies are inherently social in their design. Seniors can find opportunities for social interaction through crafting, card playing and scrapbooking. Some might like to take leisurely walks in a garden or gather together for a movie night in a community location. Senior centers always have a wide range of activities happening on any given night. Volunteering is another great way to find a sense of purpose.  

Help Seniors Remain Active at Church or Other Place of Worship

Many elderly people have been active churchgoers for all their lives. Encourage your elderly loved one to continue attending mass or to continue participating in church-related activities. If your elderly loved one attended a synagogue, a mosque, or a Friends meeting, then encourage him or her to keep going there, or to any other place of worship, as well. In the event that your elderly loved one needs ambulette transportation services in New York, Cathay Express Transportation Services has services every day of the week.

Suggest Pet Care

It’s no news that owning or caring for a pet brings comfort and love to anyone’s life.  Seniors, especially, benefit from furry companions because animals give people such positive and consistent affection. Research shows that pet owners are less prone to depression, have less social isolation, and even require less medication than their non-pet owning peers. Seniors who care for pets suffer fewer moments of loneliness and report a more secure sense of purpose in their daily lives. For seniors who are able to care for a small pet, the benefits of nurturing and caring for it will far outweigh any negatives.