5 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

Seniors who want to enjoy an active lifestyle and still have access to support when necessary might opt for an assisted living community.  Assisted living communities offer a little bit of everything for seniors who want to retain their independence but who also want the security of some added support.  At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we have five tips to help you choose the right assisted living facility for your loved one.

1. Is the staff friendly?

One of the most important tips for finding the right assisted living facility for your loved one is based on the staff.  Are they friendly?  Do they smile when you walk inside?  How do they treat the residents?  It’s a good idea to look around and see how much interaction the staff has with the residents.  Much of what appeals to seniors about an assisted living community are the staff supports for laundry, housekeeping, social activities, medication reminders, and transportation.  At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we provide wheelchair accessible taxis for interested seniors.  If you have a loved one who needs an occasional wheelchair taxi in New York City, then Cathay Express Transportation Services is ready to be of assistance.

2. Check the outdoor area.

Make sure you take a walk outside to see what the common area looks like.  Does it feel safe?  Is there a good place to sit and enjoy the sunshine?  Are other residents outside, as well?  Watch out for assisted living communities that don’t have a welcoming outdoor area, or that have an outdoor area that is used primarily for staff cigarette breaks.

3. Survey the dining room.

The dining room experience at an assisted living community is crucial for seniors.  Who doesn’t like to enjoy their food and their company when they eat?  At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we recommend that you discuss the entree choices and the dining hours.  If possible, ask to sample some of the meals.  While giving the dining room a test run, you might also have the opportunity to meet some of the other residents.

4. Ask about security

Safety and security are important for seniors who move into an assisted living community.  Safety features also make family members feel more confident about the decision.  Check to see that the bathrooms have grab bars and find out how the community handles emergencies.  Ask specific questions that apply to your loved one’s personal needs.

5. Learn about personal care.

It’s a good idea to ask a lot of questions about personal care.  Make sure you walk around and observe the residents.  Do they look clean shaven and are they appropriately dressed?  Do they have the chance to engage in activities?  At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we know that it’s important finding a trusted assisted living community for your loved one.  We offer taxis for wheelchair users in New York City, so when they’d like to venture out and enjoy a day on the town, we are always here to help.