Have a Doctor’s Appointment? Let Cathay Express Transportation Services Do the Driving

Do you have an upcoming doctor’s appointment but no reliable transportation to get you there? Maybe you would feel more comfortable knowing that you have a driver who could help safely guide you through the city. Well, you are in luck because Cathay Express Transportation, the lead provider of wheelchair accessible transportation, can take you to your next appointment, and every appointment after that! We offer wheelchair accessible transit to disabled people in and around New York City, and we are ready to help you next.

Why Cathay Express Transportation?

Cathay Express Transportation provides eligible candidates with wheelchair accessible taxis in New York as well as other forms of wheelchair accessible transit for those who require professional, non-emergency transportation. Our team specializes in making the life of disabled citizens just a little easier. Why worry about how you’ll get back and forth to an important doctor’s appointment when you can rely on us? Take the stress out of your day and let us do the driving.

What do we offer?

If you or a loved one are confined to a wheelchair, one of our medical assistance vehicles can get you to your doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment, physical therapy appointment, or non-emergency hospital visit. Whether it’s one of our wheelchair vans or one of our other vehicles, we guarantee to get you to where you need to be safe and sound. Our screened and licensed medical drivers deliver peace of mind to every person that travels with Cathay Express.

What time can I travel?

There’s no need to ever worry about what time your appointment is, either. We understand that sometimes you might have an appointment early in the morning and sometimes it might be scheduled for late afternoon. Cathay Express transportation drivers are available at any time of the day, even on short notice. In fact, our drivers enjoy making your day more manageable, so sit back and relax while our team gets you where you need to be.

Who will pay?

Are you wondering about insurance? One of the greatest benefits of using Cathay Express Transportation is because we have partnerships with most insurance companies. This means that you’ll get the transportation that you need without having to stress over the price. There are virtually no hassles when dealing with our services, so you’ll be in good hands, and you’ll save money, too.