Let Cathay Express Transportation Services Be Your Ride To The Airport

So, it’s a couple of days before your big summer vacation with family, and your vehicle just broke down. How are you guys going to get to the airport now? Do you have to cancel your trip just because of transportation problems? Of course not! There’s no need to worry because Cathay Express Transportation is always prepared to offer help. When you need ride in short notice, we are here to provide the wheels.


There is no ride that is too long or too short for our wheelchair accessible cabs in New York. With the most affordable and reliable transportation for the elderly and disabled in the area, we make sure to put our customers’ needs as one of our top priorities. You can rest assured knowing that your loved ones are in good hands with Cathay Express Transportation Services.


We proudly offer airport transportation when people need it the most. Our wheelchair accessible taxi service in New York is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a family member or friend with disabilities, always know that you can count on Cathay Express Transportation Services for all transportation needs to the airport.  


Have a flight booked for early in the morning? That’s no problem for our team at Cathay Express Transportation Services. We’ll be up before the crack of dawn if that’s what your flight requires.

With the wheelchair accessible airport car service we offer, riders get to enjoy a vacation experience the way it should be. We make sure there is no hassle involved with our services as well as no long wait-times. It’s our goal to provide the most reliable and safest transportation for you without the complicated paperwork or questions.   


Each one of the drivers on our team is expertly trained and available to drive any day of the week. There’s never been an easier way to take the worry out of last-minute transportation services than by calling Cathay Express Transportation Services.


Give us a call today at 212-261-5555.