Why Should Your Facility Be Using Ambulettes?

For people with frequent medical treatment needs, such as those with dialysis, getting a ride from friends and family can wear thin quickly. Often unable to drive, they have to rely on others for their doctor appointment transportation, and their medical needs may make options such as taxis or rideshare apps less desirable. A well-equipped ambulette with a trained driver can make life easier for these patients, allow their treatments to be more effective, and present less of a scheduling challenge for the provider as they have more timely arrival patterns.

A Pleasant and Reliable Experience

Ambulette or NEMT transport effectiveness depends on the quality of the service, which needs to go beyond physical transport. It’s important to have trained drivers who can communicate well with their passengers and understand their needs. It’s also critical to have a vehicle that can handle patients with wheelchairs efficiently. Unless you opt for a wheelchair-accessible taxi service, patients will have to exit their wheelchairs and enter the vehicle while the chair is stowed in the back, which may not be a viable option.

Increased Predictability for Patients and Providers

Many transportation options, especially in the NYC Metro area, can make keeping medical appointments challenging. A committed, well-operated ambulette service can be an excellent way for patients to connect with their medical services and other mobility needs. The operations staff at Cathay Express Transportation maintains positive interactions with passengers, helping to arrange customized transportation and schedule rides with professional skill and personal attention.

Keeping Your Facility Efficient

Well-run ambulette services benefit providers such as infusion clinics and dialysis units because there is less “empty chair” time due to transportation challenges. This is especially important in areas like the NYC metro area, where drivers have to be knowledgeable and able to manage the variations in traffic. Organizations managing medical services can improve patient care and increase effectiveness by incorporating ambulettes in their benefits.

A Safer Means of Transportation

An essential part of the service for people with disabilities and mobility challenges is a safer transfer between home and the location they’re visiting. At Cathay Express, patients are greeted at home and transferred to the vehicle via a quality wheelchair lift if needed. Vehicles are equipped with additional rear air conditioning and heating for patient comfort in transit during hot NYC metro summers and chilly winters.

Lowering Stress and Keeping Schedules Stable

With an ambulette or NEMT service that’s well-run and accountable to both your healthcare organization and the patient, your facility can better meet patient needs and improve your operational efficiency. It’s a win-win situation with likely positive healthcare outcomes. Contact Cathay Express Transportation to find out how ambulette service can make a difference for everyone involved.