What Does the Future Hold for Healthcare Transportation?

A man in a wheelchair on a lift for an NEMT van

Safe, Specialized Mobility for Those Who Require It

As an increasing number of Americans become seniors, and specialty treatments for people who are disabled offer increasing promise, the demand for easy non-emergency medical transportation, or NEMT, is rising. This point-to-point service allows patients to plan trips to the doctor for procedures such as dialysis and sometimes even to recreational facilities and gatherings for valuable social interaction. NEMT services like Cathay Express Transportation invest in the vehicles and lift technologies to allow wheelchair users easy access to their world. The drivers of those vehicles have extensive training to better respond to passenger needs, making the trip a safer one for all involved.

Medical Access Needs Are Easily Met

Reliable, professional NEMT services are providing healthcare transportation that allows patients to meet their medical needs, even if they require frequent trips. Patients know that they can safely leave their homes and be transported to their providers even if they are significantly limited in their mobility. NEMT services also help people be self-reliant, rather than relying on friends and family for frequent trips to the doctor, which can wear thin or possibly not even be an option.

Traveling and Enjoying Life

NEMT transportation can help mobility-limited patients with medical needs attend social and support groups easily, access transportation at rail stations and airports, and otherwise safely and effectively participate in life. Services such as Cathay Express Transportation are working hard to provide a low-stress transportation experience while meeting schedules as closely as possible. As increasing numbers of seniors and people with disabilities become aware of this option, healthcare transportation is likely to thrive, funded by personal, public, and organizational contributions.

Government-Funded and Managed NEMT

The future of government-funded healthcare NEMT transportation such as Medicaid transport has been in doubt recently, as more states look at the option of limiting that opportunity for patients. It’s part of the ongoing effort to balance healthcare budgets, but separates the provision of clinical services from the ability of patients to travel and access those medical services. The more healthcare transportation is seen as part of the total medical care package, the better people with disabilities will be served by transportation providers and their medical providers and clinics.

NEMT Providers Increase Effectiveness of Medical Services

Senior care ambulette services using NEMT can help keep patients on track with critical medical services by working with providers and facilities. Fewer missed appointments and scheduling changes benefit the providers, allowing them to provide essential medical services more efficiently and to a broader population. Companies like Cathay Express Transportation provide NEMT services that raise the bar for quality and reliability of service. Contact us to find out how we can be a part of your facility’s future.