How Can Digitally Integrated Transportation Networks Help?

As people begin to explore the different options available to them for non-emergency medical transportation, they have to be mindful of the choices they make. With the potential for missed appointments, miscommunication, and skyrocketing costs, picking the right ambulette transportation service can make the difference in how you get to your next appointment. Choosing a service that features a digitally integrated transportation network provides a wealth of benefits for those who use it!

Improved Communication Across the Board

Getting wheelchair-bound patients to their appointments on time requires coordination between caregivers, the ambulette service, and the medical facility. Any potential hiccup in the chain can potentially cause problems for everyone involved, and the patient gets the worst of it in the end. 

With a digitally integrated transportation network, mechanisms are put in place to help patients get where they need to go and provide essential updates for the medical facilities and caregivers. Updated GPS locations, estimated arrival times, and the like can help ensure that patients remain on schedule for their appointments and receive the care that they deserve. 

Increased Transparency 

Before digitizing the medical transportation process, patients wouldn’t have clear pathways to submit critiques of the service or leave positive messages. Any insights gleaned from the process would be anecdotal and could potentially leave out important information. With a digitally integrated system, every facet of the transportation process is more visible for all parties. The increased transparency allows for patients to be more comfortable with the service they selected and provides the necessary information to their caregivers. 

Cutting Down on Fraud

Patient care remains the most important aspect of the medical transportation field. You want to provide the best care services possible for the patients that need it the most. Unfortunately, instances of fraud and abuse in the industry have led to increased patient suffering. 

With the help of a digital network, the level of communication has dramatically improved. Patients have the avenues to quickly report abuse and fraud before those causing harm can do more damage. With these complaints going straight to the transportation company, they can address the issue quickly and prevent further abuse from happening. As more of these systems utilize apps as the main interface, the communication process gets streamlined and cuts down on unnecessary paperwork. 

Making Medical Transportation More Accessible

For most patients who use wheelchairs, getting from one appointment to the next presents a unique challenge without the necessary means of getting from point A to point B. Securing reliable non-emergency medical transportation becomes the most important thing on their to-do list. With the help of Cathay Express Transportation, you get a truly integrated digital transportation network and reliable drivers to take you from appointment to appointment. 

Our drivers are expertly trained and can come to pick you up from the greater New York City area. You’ll finally have the reliable doctor appointment transportation needed to make all of your necessary appointments. 

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