What Wheelchair Accommodations Will the Airport Make for Me?

Airports are stunning works of art and, by nature, are extremely large. Every day a passenger arrives at the wrong gate or asks an assistant for help navigating the intricacies of a modern airport. 

One can imagine the difficulty passengers with mobility issues face attempting to navigate through, but fortunately, airports provide personal wheelchairs and wheelchair services for those who need them. Airports can be hectic, and if you’ll need accommodations for your next flight, it’s a good idea to know what to expect when you arrive at the airport. 

Travel Through the Entire Airport

Airports provide those who request wheelchair assistance with travel throughout the entire airport, ranging from the vehicle drop-off point to helping you to your seat on the flight. Airport escorts will assist you through the security checkpoints and your gates’ location. If you have a connecting flight, you are provided assistance getting to your connecting gate and onto the connecting flight.

You are also provided travel assistance through multiple parts of the airport, including:

  • Ticket Counters
  • Restrooms
  • Baggage Claim
  • Car Rental Services
  • Public Transit Locations

Boarding Priority

Passengers needing wheelchair assistance at the airport are also granted priority getting in and out of airplanes. Airlines must board all passengers who identify with a disability before other passengers to ensure they are comfortable in their seating. You have the ability to waive this right if requested, so be sure to decide if this is comfortable for you.

Attention At All Times

Your airport escort will provide attention to you at all times. You must not leave a wheelchair passenger unattended for more than 30 minutes, so you are sure to be well cared for. Most airline assistants will stay with you at all times and rarely be away, so you can expect to be accompanied at all times.

While the flight is in the air, you can request a bathroom break by pressing your call button and asking a flight attendant for assistance leading you to the bathroom. Keep in mind the flight crew cannot assist you with any matters involving personal care while in the bathroom. Once landed, wait for all passengers to deplane before your wheelchair attendant arrives to help you.

How Can I Prepare For My Next Flight?

It’s good to prepare before you arrive at your departure and arrival airports. You don’t want to be left not knowing a few different terms and conditions, nor do you want to be unaware of the options available to you. Consider a few of these ways to prepare for your next flight.

Plan Out Enough Time

Airlines are not required to provide you assistance once you arrive at the terminal, so unless you are using a van transportation service or having a family member or friend assist, you may have trouble entering the airport. In many cases, you must identify first with airport personnel before you’re granted aid.

In addition, expect to use airport wheelchairs as the primary means of travel when operating in the building. In this case, you would have to check in your personal wheelchair and be prepared with instructions if your wheelchair requires disassembly.

Communicate Your Abilities

Alert your wheelchair assistant of what duties you can and cannot perform and what you require help with. Your wheelchair assistant will be happy to assist you with whatever your needs are but won’t be able to optimize the experience if they aren’t sure about your preferences.

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