Which NEMT Software Platforms Are Essential for Ambulette Services?

With the latest wave of technology, NEMT software programs have improved exponentially. The options available for ambulette services have some of the best on-demand response times and the most efficient routes. If you’re on the market for a NEMT service provider that will give you the best software solutions, learn more about the essential features you need and the software platforms dominating the market today.

What Are NEMT Software Platforms?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software programs are meant to assist NEMT services in providing efficient transportation for non-medical services. These programs can help keep NEMT operations on one platform, making it easy to handle cancellations, routes, and vehicle breakdowns. An efficient program is essential to providing a good service, as they control most of the operations of an entire company.

Essential Features and Benefits of NEMT Software Platforms

NEMT platforms offer plenty of benefits, making it easy to streamline operations within an organization. The best platforms are cost-effective and versatile solutions, and every day old and new companies work to build more efficient platforms. Some of these benefits include:

  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Requires Less Paperwork

With the value of NEMT programs skyrocketing, there are plenty of essential features these programs need to help drivers and passengers. We’ll dive into some of the less critical features later, but by and large, if your NEMT software doesn’t include the ability to do these, it will get lost in the shuffle.

Driver Route Scheduling

Setting the same transportation schedules each week can be a grueling process for dispatchers. With driver route scheduling, the platform can assign routes at the push of a button and make changes based on availability or emergencies. 

Route Optimization

We all know how annoying it can be when your GPS gives you an inefficient route. With route optimization, you’ll get the most efficient route possible using updated traffic data that takes your patients where they need to go.

Real-Time GPS Monitoring

With GPS monitoring, you won’t lose track of your drivers or patients. You’ll get real-time visibility of driver movements, allowing you to optimize schedules, prepare clients for drivers arriving, and give your business peace of mind in case of emergency.

NEMT Cloud Dispatching

NEMT Cloud Dispatching keeps you focused by handling accounts and facilities and providing EDI integration and invoice exchange. As one of the most versatile leading platforms, NEMT Cloud Dispatching delivers solutions that help you manage booking, billing, eligibility, and a host of other situations while tracking your drivers in real-time. 


TripMaster is an industry-leading NEMT software company founded in the 1980s. Along with NEMT Cloud Dispatching, it’s one of the most popular options and offers numerous features. You can benefit from reservation management, custom reporting, and a passenger reminder call interface. It even provides a mobile app with the ability to conduct most of the operations through your cellular device. Overall, TripMaster is one of the top NEMT software platforms today.

Tobi Cloud

Tobi Cloud offers its services to organizations big and small and is a complete solution to your needs. Tobi Cloud can handle a wide variety of operations and even offers optional modules to help improve efficiency for your company. You’ll also benefit from their improved customer database, mileage tracking, routing, and web-based booking service.


With MediRoutes, you can use your mobile device to schedule dispatch services, and it provides easy online call-taking for patients who need it. The app considers patient requirements, appointment times, drive times, and a host of other factors in its algorithm to find the perfect trips for all patients. 

NEMT Platform

NEMT Platform can be integrated with insurance brokers like MTM, MAS, and ModivCare and import past patient history and information to make it easier on you. You can also track and adjust trips to better handle situations and improve efficiency. 

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