How Do I Pick the Right Non-Emergency Transport Vehicle?

There are some situations in life where you or a loved one can’t travel to a medical facility by yourself, but what’s happening isn’t life-threatening and doesn’t require an emergency vehicle. You might just need to go to a routine medical appointment, or you might be struggling with a mild to moderate illness, unexplained aches and pains, or other non-emergency health concerns.

Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is exactly what it sounds like: transportation to a hospital, doctor’s office, or another healthcare facility in non-emergency situations. If you need a ride to see a provider but your family or friends are unavailable or capable of helping, you can reliably get there and back with the right non-emergency medical transport service.

If NEMT service sounds like it might suit your needs, it’s relatively straightforward to pick up the phone yourself or have a loved one schedule the trip for you. However, deciding which type of NEMT vehicle you might need isn’t always as easy as scheduling your trip. Consider this your guide to choosing the right transportation method for non-emergency situations!

Start With a Reputable Provider

No matter what type of vehicle you wind up taking to your doctor’s appointment or healthcare clinic, you should always begin by choosing a reputable company or organization for your ambulette service. The company should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau or a comparable local organization. All drivers must be properly licensed and insured with clean driving records and should be punctual, well-trained, and friendly. In addition, the company should perform thorough background checks to ensure that passengers feel safe with their drivers. 

Assess the Space You Need

Taking public transportation can be difficult or impossible if you rely on a mobility aid such as a walker or wheelchair. Reputable NEMT companies can provide wheelchair van transportation and more for no additional cost, but some fleet vehicles can vary in size. Therefore, as you think about what vehicle you might need, remember that you may require a little extra space for a wheelchair or other device. Keep your driver “in the loop” about you or your loved one’s specific needs before they arrive so that the trip will go smoothly.

How Long Is Your Trip?

Not every medical facility is just a quick drive across town. Some specialists live hours away from your home, necessitating long-distance travel every time you need health care. Because some appointments involve a whole day’s worth of travel, many NEMT companies provide comfortable and luxurious accommodations for long-distance trips. If you’re headed out of town in a NEMT vehicle, be sure to inquire about these additional comfort options. 

Ask Questions (and Expect Answers)

The best way to choose the right NEMT vehicle for your needs is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask anything that’s on your mind about the company, its employees, its services, or its vehicles. A reputable medical transportation company will be able to answer all your inquiries, as well as provide you with useful information and options for your specific needs.

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