Benefits of Choosing a Non-Emergency Transportation Service

Healthcare services are essential to every segment of the population. However, some people rely on family or friends for transportation services to get to medical appointments. It’s not only the vulnerable portion of the population who depend on it but also those with temporary needs.

People may typically be healthy enough to get around, but an acute injury or surgery might temporarily limit their mobility. For example, post-surgical patients aren’t allowed to drive until they receive clearance from their healthcare provider. In addition, factors such as weakened muscles and the administration of pain medications can limit their options for transportation.

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

When options for getting around become limited, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) fills the gap. It’s a precious asset for people who need medical assistance but don’t require immediate medical care. 

There are many benefits to choosing a non-emergency transportation service. If you need caring and reliable non-emergency medical transportation in New York, Cathay Express Transportation has a variety of services to help. Here are a few reasons to choose us for your transportation needs.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Non-Emergency Transportation Service?

Non-emergency transportation services are available across the United States. Here are some benefits of choosing a non-emergency transportation service.

Accessibility and Convenience

Many people who have regular medical appointments rely on special transportation to get them there. In particular, people with mobility problems can benefit from the accessibility and convenience of non-emergency medical transportation. 

The flexibility of customizing NEMT vehicles to meet an individual’s needs is one of the main benefits of choosing a non-emergency transportation service. For example, they can handle wheelchairs and offer additional mobility equipment to help people get to appointments. 


Patients who rely on NEMT can feel a sense of independence. They don’t have to worry about relying on family and friends to get them to appointments. Some people may feel they’re a burden on loved ones, but access to NEMT reduces these feelings of insecurity.

A quick call to a NEMT center will arrange transportation to an appointment or other engagement. People with disabilities can rely on NEMT to get them from door to door without any issues.


There are numerous types of medical transportation services, each of which has a different price range. But, in general, NEMT offers a more affordable option than traditional ambulances. It’s one of the most notable benefits of choosing a non-emergency transportation service.

The cost of non-emergency medical transportation varies depending on the type of vehicle and service. However, the average cost of using NEMT can be up to ten times less expensive than emergency medical transportation.


Modern non-emergency transportation follows the highest level of safety standards for its vehicles. As a result, vehicles get equipped with components and equipment that are safe and reliable. 

Additionally, most NEMT drivers have previously worked as doctors or nurses. Therefore, these employees have the most recent professional qualifications and attend training to adhere to safety standards. You’ll get peace of mind — one of the best benefits of choosing a non-emergency transportation service.

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