Free Rides For Seniors

happy_seniors_handicap_transportationTransportation is independence.

Many seniors and people with disabilities, who don’t drive consider themselves a burden to others, especially when they can’t access public transportation (and only 15% of the elderly use public transportation).

“CATHAY Express Transportation” provides FREE rides for seniors to medical/health-related offices, grocery stores, barber/beauty shops, banks, activity centers, various errands, support groups and more every week. For some of our elderly neighbors those short trips are the only times they leave their homes each week.

TO BE ELIGIBLE for free rides for seniors: the seniors must be non-driving or limited driving, over age 60 and living within the boundaries of our service areas.


TO SCHEDULE A TRIP: Please call 212-337-3333 at least a week before your trip. 

The service operates from 9:00 am- 6:00 pm every Sunday.