What are the Different Types of Wheelchair Transportation Services?

Getting around NYC is complicated sometimes, considering there’s a lot of traffic and pedestrians. Luckily, there are several transportation options, especially if you’re searching for wheelchair accessible transportation near me. Affordability and safety are key for wheelchair users, and here are the different types of wheelchair transportation available in the city that never sleeps.

Woman in wheelchair on train platformSubway

Millions of New Yorkers take the subway every year. This underground rapid transport system takes people all across the city with trains running uptown, downtown, and through to all five boroughs, with many connecting services in the area. Over time, the city’s transportation department has improved wheelchair access on the subway, but it still leaves a lot left to be desired.

Commuters who require a wheelchair really need to be near a major station to get adequate access to boarding the trains. Subway stations are renowned for dirty, dingy staircases, and many of these stations don’t pass the wheelchair-friendly test with flying colors. There are enough hazards and accidents in some of these stations without getting wheelchairs involved as well. Those with wheelchairs often require assistance when riding the subway so that they can make it to their destination safely.


In addition to the subway, there are also city buses, but again, they aren’t ideal for wheelchair users either. There’s been a focus on making buses more wheelchair friendly, but these are often cramped, crowded vehicles that are uncomfortable for anyone, let alone if you have a wheelchair. It also depends on where you live, as some areas are closer to bus stops than others. Taking the bus is usually better for people who are familiar with their surroundings and comfortable with the stop-and-go routine of the bus route.

This isn’t for everyone, but some wheelchair users do rely on city buses to get around. It all depends on where you’re trying to get to and what your comfort level is with a bumpy bus ride. Some people find that doing a test run on the bus can give them a better idea of whether or not this could be a reliable form of transportation for the future. Of course, a bus ride is pretty cheap compared to some of the other options for wheelchair accessible transport in the city.

Mobility Van

Access-a-Ride is a city-run program offering para-transit services for those in need. These particular mobility van services take care of basic wheelchair transport, but they certainly don’t go above and beyond to help people out. Many clients who require wheelchair transport have been unimpressed by this program, with a loud and boisterous ride, although it is safer and more secure than a subway ride.

One advantage of Access-a-Ride is the low cost, but some people find a private transportation company is worth the extra money. There are private mobility vans with fewer people, more privacy, and enhanced comfort for everyone on board. These luxurious mobility vans are nice because they don’t draw extra attention to the fact that it’s a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. These rides are more discreet and focused on customer satisfaction rather than just getting people where they need to go. A state-of-the-art boarding ramp and lovely interior features are other benefits of private transportation in a mobility van.

When it comes time to arrange wheelchair transport service in NYC, you can secure a smooth and comfortable ride with Cathay Express Transportation. Call our friendly wheelchair transport team today to get started and book your ride for medical transportation in NY.