5 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

Seniors who want to enjoy an active lifestyle and still have access to support when necessary might opt for an assisted living community.  Assisted living communities offer a little bit of everything for seniors who want to retain their independence but who also want the security of some added support.  At Cathay Express Transportation Services,… read more

4 Ways That You Can Help An Elderly Loved One Avoid Isolation

Although we don’t like to admit it, isolation among seniors is increasingly common. Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. At Cathay Express Transportation Services, we believe in helping the elderly population preserve their dignity. Nowadays there are many ways by which seniors can live healthy and productive lives. With just a little bit… read more

Need a Ride to the Airport? Let Us Take You There!

So, your car broke down right before a big trip, and you or a loved one needs a ride to the airport. There’s never a need to stress-out when your transportation falls flat because Cathay Express Transportation Services is always ready to offer help. Need a ride on short notice? We can help you with… read more

5 Benefits of Using a Handicap Transportation Service

Do you or one of your loved ones have a difficult time getting around due to a disability or handicap? Hundreds of millions of individuals are currently suffering from some disability or handicap, which seriously limits the things they can do in their everyday lives. At Cathay Express Transportation, our non-emergency medical and recreational transportation… read more

Is Cathay Express Transportation Right For Me?

Cathay Express Transportation is a unique non-emergency transportation system that awards the handicap and disabled community with the independence they deserve. You might be asking yourself, “Is this right for me? Will Cathay Express be available when I need them? Will the driver be able to handle all of my needs?” The answer to all… read more

Medications Which You Should Not Take If You Drive 

Medications which You Should Not Take If You Drive 

There are many medical drugs that have the side effects which makes it dangerous to operate any machine or to drive a vehicle. For seniors who are still fit for driving but taking certain medicines to address their health concerns, there are some types of medicines that are not good with their effects if you… read more

Be Careful When You Drive if You Are on Medication

Be Careful When You Drive if You Are on Medication

Many seniors who drive themselves around are administrating some medications as well. Driving, while on prescribed medicine, is not an illegal thing but there are some points that should be taken into consideration before driving under the influence of medicine. Get Advice From A Doctor If you are taking some prescribed medicines, you should ask… read more

Transporting Options for Seniors

Transporting Options for Seniors

Old age people who are unable to drive by themselves remain in constant need of assistance to make their necessary commutes. There are various transporting options that can be used by senior citizens in different scenarios according to the ease and comfort you want to provide them. Transportation Services Of Live-In Care Facility Make sure… read more

Adjusting to a Life without Driving

Adjusting to a Life without Driving

So you had to give up your car keys because your health is deteriorating and driving is no longer safe for you. Without your car, adjusting may be quite difficult. But be assured that you can still easily commute from one place to another. There are so many options out there, among which senior non… read more